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Can my brother enter the USA with 15 yr. Old DUI?
He wants to come for a visit and he does not drive. He is 70 in a couple of months.
DUIs typically do not prevent non-citizens from entering the US. However, they DO prevent non-Canadians from entering...
Can I get temporary emergency custody for the mother being heavily intoxicated several days out the week when she has the girls?
For the 2nd time I had to call 911 for the police to get one or both from their mothers house from her being over intoxicated. Girls called me scared from their mothers drinking. I have followed our decree to the letter of the law. If I have the girls more or less than the decree, it has always been verbally accepted with no problem. She loves her girls but drinks way to often when they are there. She has a problem of not being able to stop and gets weirded out after to many. As far as I know she has not harmed them physically. Girls and I had written up an internal contract that we all signed including the mother to seek help through therapy and AA. She did well for a bit but reverted back to her drinking. I now have 2 case numbers and a signed internal contract. Do I have a case?
You need to filr a peition to modify the PP. The contract is pointless and will work against you. Courts hate when...
How long will I have to stay in jail for dui warrant
Got dui 6 years ago and didnt finish all probation stipulations before leaving the state for job offer. If I turn myself in what happens then. Can't be gone long from my job.
Turning yourslf in is the last thing you should do. You should consult with an attorney ahead of time who can work...
Is it possible to get charged with a dui from a skateboard, bike, etc.....?
What if you already have a dui or two or are currently on probation from a dui?
You can only get a DUI if you are operating a " motor vehicle." However, it is almost certainly a violation of your...
I got a dui and hit a car.. When I went to the arraignment no charges of vehicular assault were mentioned. i am confused.
I have already had my arraignment and there was no mention of charges? How will I know if they are going to charge me?
Vehicular assault is a class b felony. It is generally only charged when there is great bodily injury to the person who...
Pulled over for dwsl, after dui
Last August I was pulled over for a dui. Im in the middle of dealing with that (court date end of January) licence suspended, day in jail, the whole 9 yards Few weeks ago, according to the dmv, they said my licence had been reinstated. I was then pulled over and received a ticket for dwsl. My court date for that is in a few days, and im wondering what to expect......fines? Jail?
You shouldn't face anything if you complied with all the terms. You should be able to show that your license was not...
When is the Statue of Limitations up on a DWI case in which everything was paid and done except Drug & Alcohol classes in WA?
I had no previous DWI's. I ended up getting a job offer in a another state. I figured I would switch over and deal with everything once I got there. I took care of and paid for all my fines except for the Alcohol classes before I moved to SD. When I arrived in SD, I went to the DMV. and they told me that all facets of my DWI should have been taken care of before I left the State of Washington. I missed a court date and was issued a warrant for Failure to appear. This happened Feb. 2nd, 2011. It is now Jan. 2015, I currently live in Missouri and I really need my drivers license back but am at a loss of what to do. My name is Trent Iverson and my webmail address is Iverrocktrent "at" gmail. Com Somebody please help. Thank you so much!
I am not licensed to practice in WA or SD or MO. Only California, however, I can answer your question. The statute of...