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I was convicted of a DUI. It is my third over a 15 year period. I was not in possession of any drugs or controlled substances at the time of my arrest. I'm in compliance with all the terms of my conditional discharge. All court fees are paid. All alcohol education is complete. I have never missed a meeting with my PO. All Jail time has been served.
If any perceived evidence, facts, testimony, circumstances may indicate that you may be using or have used any...
No accident, no property damage. Speeding, in a work zone (at night-no workers), no passengers, paraphenalia,
If you had a prior DUI, it remains on your record permanently if you were found guilty. It does not matter if you...
if i had told the police that i was not driving, could i be charged with a dui? i know this is the classic phantom driver issue but i am unclear if it fits here. i was behind the vehicle when the police arrived and both front doors were open. i did admit to drinking but not driving, bac over .16
If you were the only person in the vehicle, the cops, like the jury, will make a reasonable inference that you were the...
My fiance is currently serving 364 days in Cook County for driving on a revoked license. The last 20 years he has gotten 7 driving on revoked, and 2 DUI convictions (no accidents or injuries). He has totally cleaned up his life. His last arrest was 2 years ago and the case just go heard. He no longer drinks alcohol, he never did drugs. We are expecting our first baby shortly after he gets out and it is going to make it hard for me to drive him. His arrest date was 6/27/2011, he will be released on 9/30/2013, can he apply for a workers license right away?
Not until all his hard time on his suspension and any extensions have run. Go to an informal hearing officer for a...
It was a first offense and I met all court requirements.
Traffic tickets are not expunged. They remain on your driving record but they do not show up on your criminal record.
I was out of the country and when i came back the immigration officer after scanning my id stopped me and asked if i was arrested, I told him i got a DUI a year ago and he then told me that i can be deported from US and then took me to another room in the back and made me wait and took my green card and passport. Afte 10 mins another immigration officer came and gave me my documents back and told me i could go. This incident really scared me and i am wondering if they can really deport you for a DUI offence.
You cannot be deported without getting notice of removal proceedings in most cases. It is unlikely you will be...
I am on bench probation for violating diversion. I have been given permission to leave the state. I will pay my fines promptly and follow my terms of probation ie: attend treatment classes, refrain from using alcohol and substances, submit to testing. During this time I would need to have a license to get to treatment and to look for work and attend school. I am 48 and have a clean record other than this first DUI conviction in Oregon. I also suffer from bi-polar and see a doctor regularly. I am trying to receive disability benefits at this time but have been denied.
Illinois cannot issue you a license while you are suspended or revoked in another state, not even for hardship.