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DUI was reduced to wet-wreckless. Possession was misdemeanor of marijuana.
Like most professional license boards, the Department of Consumer Affairs Dental Hygiene Committee of California will...
police came to scene of accident-I was arrested for dui, license suspended for 3 months.. then all charges were dropped and suspension overturned as I was not the driver of the car- do I still need an sr-22 when I go to dmv to get my license back?
If the suspension was actually overturned, you won't need an SR-22 insurance certificate. However, you sure the...
Has this ever happened to a client of yours? Or you?)
It happens but there isn't really any kind if pattern, so there is no "likelihood" to speak of. But it does happen. If...
I was arrested in front of my house because I pissed off a cop. After I called the police because my neighbor said he was going to shoot me. The neighbor was going to shoot me because I accidentally put the keys into the wrong door. After realizing it was the wrong door, I apologized, explained myself, and was walking away towards my door when the guy continued threatening me. I called the police and they just got there and arrested me. The officer hurt my ankle very badly during the process. My ankle is so swollen it looks TWICE the normal size and I cannot walk. I was neglected all night and they refused to give me any medical attention. I felt discriminated. I was injured in the process. And I was arrested without any probable cause or proof. I would like to sue them if possible.
This appears to be a civil rights question as opposed to a criminal defense question so I'm going to move your question.
My boyfriend got arrested because he ran a red light and had a DUI Done the test came over .08 and also the arrest record show he resist arrest can he get deported for this... He was only in jail a couple of hours but he is scare to show to court and get arrested and deported. Need answers please
A lot of details in your case seem to be missing. If he was handed over to ICE by the local police, he must have...
I expect to take my state exam in the next year, and I heard the BBS is very strict about any form of conviction regarding alcohol and driving.
All DUI attorneys are criminal attorneys, as a DUI is a criminal offense. However, not all criminal attorneys are DUI...
against my advise and will be doing 5 yrs w/ 1 year time served in Monterey County. She may have been at fault but his injuries were much more severe as would have been in another auto. It happened in an intersection where an accident reconstruction had never been done.Sentencing date is next month. The PD did nothing to help and scared her into accepting this "deal" otherwise threatening 8 yrs if she took it to trial and lost, Can anything be done after the fact? Can a plea be appealed? Lots of inaccuacies in both police reports but she did test positive for meth in a urine test. Also, she is now 7 months pregnant. and has been in Monterey county jail for over a year except the 2 months she bailed out and got pregnant. I could not afford private council until now.
She can ask the court to appoint a new attorney to her (from a conflicts panel), in order to examine the merits of a...