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  • Tennessee woman gets lesser charge for testimony

    Friday Mar 13 | via KHGI 

    A charge against a Tennessee woman has been reduced after she testified in her former boyfriend's attempted second-degree murder trial in Kearney. The Kearney Hub reports that 22-year-old Ashley Dominguez, of Antioch, Tennessee, was placed on a two-year probationary term Friday following her testimony in the trial of 24-year-old Evan Swenson, of Nashville, Tennessee.


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Caught driving on revoked twice with 2 dui guiltys and on probation
I have 2 guilty DUI's they revoked my license and put me on probation. I have sense been arrested twice for driving on revoked my court date for both offenses are on the same day. I am also suppose to have a interlock system in my car and I didn't have that both times I was caught driving. What can I expect to happen at my court date ?? Will I do jail time?
It is a mandatory 48 hours in jail if your caught driving on a revoked license as a result of a dui conviction. A...
I had a Geico holder who was drinking and driving and totaled my car that was parked in front of my mother-in-law's house.
Geico has taken full responsibility. The KBB value on my car is $8,001.00. It was my fathers car before he passed and in perfect condition with VERY low mileage I don't see where I could replace my car for that amount. Am I able to demand more? Everything I'm seeing that I would consider buying for a replacement is priced at 10-12 thousand.
You can refuse to settle and sue for the amount. Does the policy holder have the assets to recover above the $8,000...
What is my boyfriend facing now after being charged with patronizing prostitution in a car while on revoked license for DUI?
As if getting a DUI wasn't bad enough, my boyfriend now has to turn himself in for patronizing a prostitute (sting operation). He was driving a car that doesn't belong to him and he has not gotten his SR 22 and restricted license yet. He served his 48 hours 3 days before this latest offense. The police officers pulled him physically out of the car and threw him on the ground and told him that if it wasn't "shift change," they would have hauled him off to jail right then. I'm assuming he is on probation from the DUI. The strange thing is the prostitution arrest warrant has the box checked that says the drivers license is "valid," telling me that it must not have shown up as revoked yet in the system. Any ideas what kind of sentencing he is now facing for all of this??
He's looking at doing a year in jail on the DUI (he owes the court 11 months, 27 day)and up to anotheryear on the...
2nd probation violation and another dui in another county in tennessee
My husband was arrested for dui and given 11m29d but the violated probation and given and additional 11m22d. Now the original 11 29 is up but still on probation for the 11m22d. He could not afford to pay the fines by the due date so he was violated again. But he also got another dui in another county and serving 45 days. What will happen when he goes to court over the warrant out for him now in the original county for violation of probation?
He could get sentenced to the whole 11/22. It's up to the judge. He's obviously not a good candidate for probation,...
Do I have to pled guilty or not guilty at my first apearment in, IL, before I ask for a public defender?
3rd DUI, last one 2013, one before 2011. Last 2 in Metropolis, IL. Before that Nashville, TN
You will need to ask this in the IL forum. I have transferred it. Pleading not guilty would not hinder your case.
Is it possible to get a restricted lisence when unemployed but trying and needing to drive to find one asap?
I have paid all court fines and have a copy of my SR22 insurance and need to get a restricted lisence to work. I recently just Just moved from downtown Nashville to Hendersonville so do not have a job at this moment but need the lisence to go apply and find a job asap. It's also been around 5 years since I had a valid lisence and need to take both test over. Thanks so much. Please email or call at your earliest convinence. Raven V. Birdwell (615)430-0503
Attys can't contact you via your info in Q & A forum.
In Tennessee as of july 2013 you can get hardship restricted license after 3rd dui?
I owe $1200 in court cost to one county.In order to see the judge to request a restricted hardship I must pay all costs first then is there any guarantee I will then be eligible thru the state of TN dept of safety to then get the restricted hardship license?
You should consult with a DUI/DWI attorney from Tenn for your answer.