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I have been on probation for a felony DUI in Alaska for 2.5 years with a minor PTRP with no new charge and only 6 months remaining on probation. Can I petition the court to reduce my charge to a Misdemeanor?
This would require an attorney from your state. In some states, such a petition is possible, but the prosecutor...
I was arrested for DWI in NY and my license was suspended for 1 year. I had to install ignition interlock device for 6 months. Recently, device was removed from my car, and IID restriction was removed from my conditional license. I have to go to a business trip in Alaska. Can I legally drive a rental car in Alaska with my NYS conditional license?
I doubt that NY would expand the scope of your conditional license to allow driving during this business trip, but it...
Someone I know was arrested for a DWI in 2007 and bailed out and then left state Texas without going to court. They put a warrant out on him and then in 2013 he went back to Texas turned himself in and bailed out on a surety bond. Again he fail to appear and now has another warrant. What are the legal consequences when this happens?
Nothing good. I would say he should contact legal counsel but it is apparent he has no intent on dealing with his...
on I believe I was hypothermic I failed the test and was given a breathilisore I think both test should be thrown out any opinions or answers
More would need to be discussed with an attorney before they could provide you any opinions. I would suggest...
What should I do? I contacted the probation officer and she said to come back. I explained that this was from 12 years ago and I know longer lived in Iowa. She said that one of the conditions was not to leave the state. I served seven days in jail and as soon as i got out i left. The dmv revoked my license 12 years ago so there penalty has already been enforced and i have a clear driving record. I don't want to be looking over my shoulder.
This depends on Iowa law, not Alaska law. And, your facts are confusing to me. If your probation was for 2 years and...
spouse was convicted of Felony DUI in CA, she paid all the fines required by the Court/DMV for CA, she also completed everything the court ordered (classes,monitoring and house arrest) except for her probaton time. She also competed all of the DMV requirements and got her license back in CA. We moved to AK and had her probation transfered here. We went to the AK DMV and they issued her an AK License, the AK DMV HQ said she is cleared to dirve in AK without any restrcitions. Her new PO here in AK, is stating that she is not able to drive in AK unless she installs an interlock system for 6 Months. I have spoken with 3 Defense Attorneys in Anchorage and they have all stated the PO can not do that as the crime was commited in CA and not AK, DMV said tha same thing. How do we prove the PO wrong
You do not have have to prove anything to the PO. Your wife has been issued a valid DL. If the PO believes that your...
Plus they had partied at someone’s home -- please understand all 3 were under age of 21 and people at the house are the ones provided them alcohol So 3 decided to go home but when the driver is not ability to drive due to over 000.68% the limit and yet the person who gave them and allowed the driver to go home and 2 joined with driver even thou 2 were also drunk. When a driver made the wrong turns that hits the wood post. A passenger decided to jump out of the vehcile while the driver isn’t aware of the passenger decided to opened the door and got hurt herself? So who is the liable? 50%-50% ? Should press charge against a person who provided driver alcoholic? That’s over the limit?
Anyone who jumps out of a moving car is the responsible party in my humble opinion. Especially under these circumstances.