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Is there any way to negotiate this dollar amount of over $4000?
i have 1 DUI, 3 years ago. i have 7 more DUI's all over 10 years ago and have never had a license. the cost to be eligible for license is over $4000, i understand there must be a penalty, but is there any way that i can lower or negotiate this cost.
Short answer is no. The governmental agencies will not barter with you. If part of that money is insurance fees you...
What are the penalties for alcohol DUI and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and paraphernalia. First offense.
Was pulled over for speeding. I had .09 reading. Cop searched and found the drugs in the trunk.
Avvo allows 4000 characters in which to answer a question. A complete answer takes more than 4000 characters. Here is...
How much does a 402 reduction typically cost if I were to hire a lawyer?
How much does a 402 reduction typically cost? I was released from probation successfully but a reduction was not stipulated. I have a history of multiple DUIs. Does that make it more difficult to be granted one?
There are several factors that go into determining the cost of a 402 reduction. While the motion is a simple one, it...
I got an alcohol ticket and I'm looking forward to fighting it. I need help with how i should go by it.
I hardly blew anything, I was handed a mixed drink and was drinking some (couldn't taste alcohol) I was told it had alcohol in it and stopped drinking it. I was supposed to be the driver anyways so I was not even planning on drinking.
You should go about it by hiring an attorney to represent you. There is no quick fix how to fight your case in court...
What will happen? Will they help me or just take my license away immediately?
I just got an underage drinking ticket the other night. I'm 18. I was told I could do a Plea in Abeyance if they let me. I just got this new full time job and can't afford to get my license taken away. I know I made a mistake but would they be able to help me out alittle?
Call the assistant district attorney handling your case and explain your situation. He may be willing to help. If he...
I'm 18 and just received an Underage Drinking Ticket. What would be the cost of the ticket?
I know that you can sign a plea in abeyance. If I do I want to know how much that is going to cost me, so when I get in the court room I can pay either all of it all up front, or make payments. What would the cost of classes be if there is any? And would they consider that I only blew a .01? Also, If I don't sign a plea in abeyance is the ticket going to be cheaper? I read somewhere that it would be only $90, if thats the case, which is the better ticket to take?
A few hundred in total costs. If you hire a lawyer they might be able to clear it and convert some of those costs into...
Depends on the jurisdiction. Usually six months to two years.