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The only thing that has happened with the case, is that I was granted my occupational license, ( I refused to blow, therefore suspension on license). I have a blower on my vehicle as a bond condition. I received a letter from judge dated on the anniversary of my arrest, stating a Status Hearing was set for 2 weeks away. Is it possible that they can still charge or sentence me? I thought there was a statute of limitations?
The statute of limitations to file an information (the charging instrument in a misdemeanor) against you is 2 years.
not to long ago i have filed for a divorce, my x to be has always been violent with me and then he decided to cheat on me with my best friend but could never prove it , now he wants to fight custody for my oldest child which we have 2 others in common and there all his. there is incident reports where he has been abusive to i have met someone that has treated me so good and appreciates me and loves me and my will this effect me and do u think my drunk x to be will have a shot of getting custody of my oldest child.
So I assume your divorce is not finalized, no custody order etc. You need to document everything (record all abusive...
I am in 3rd yr of paying surcharge for No Ins. ticket. I've paid $100.00 2/22/2013 to local DPS for reinstatement fee. And on that paper from paying that payment online states that at this time no other requirements need to met. I was told then I would to get Ins., & an SR-22. Which I do Mon.18th,2013 However Fri.22nd,2013 I was pulled over for brushing the curb and given a warning for it. ,But was told my license was suspended and given a ticket for DWLS. I went to local county court house to try and figure out what was going on with my license. I was told I was supposed to have an Occupational License. No one anywhere through all of this has ANYONE mentioned I needed to do anything else once I had Ins With an SR-22. I've been online on the phone and in person trying to get legal again
You probably don't need an ODL, but you need to find out. Your license was suspended until you paid the reinstatement...
He was given probation for 18 months and breathlyzer on the car for 9 months. He just signed 4 days ago. He just lost his job and we feel it would be easier on us if he just sat it out in jail instead.. can he do that? One person I talked to said No that he would have to violate probation to sit it out in jail. But wouldnt that make it worse? So my questions are can he go back on it and if not would it make it worse if he violated probation buy not reporting?
Your husband needs to talk to the lawyer that handled the DWI.
my husband got his first dui at 21 then went to the navy. Got his second at 26 then his third at 30. The da is saying 8 years. This cannot happen. . He is a good man with a family. I am so scared.
While laws vary from state to state this information does not sound completely off-base. Your husband is almost...
I got my car stuck in a ditch and I had to ditch my car because I had a few drinks before the happening. It was towed to a storage and towing facility.
It is possible that you may face charges of leaving the scene of an accident, if you admit to driving, but that is...
Just to start, I don't live in Texas but I am moving to Austin. I was visiting and hanging with some friends, one of which was 19 years old. I had a beer (I'm 21). I was careless and totally forgot that he was not 21. I gave him one sip of beer. Later, he took the cup without asking and took another sip. He was not drunk and that was it. Later that night, he drove home in his vehicle. I realized what I did was a misdemeanor. It was a careless mistake. I do have a personal conviction to obey the law. Am I obligated by law to report this and turn myself in? I know I can get away with it, but I don't want to break another law by keeping this secret. Also, am I obligated to report my 19 year old friend, who drove after having a few sips of alcohol?
No. There is no obligation to report something of this nature. Your desire to be a law-abiding citizen is impressive,...