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My application for PA ARD has been approved and I received a letter stating I have to show up to the Indiana County Probation Department in the courthouse for a hearing and intake, where I will "be instructed by the court about your legal rights". Will I be drug tested during this hearing or not?
Regardless of what will happen at the hearing, ARD is a one chance, a break that you get. Wouldn't it be wise to just...
Only 20 yrs old and got a dui but am completing ARD. Can I still get into the PA State police academy after the dui is expunged?
You would have to consult with the State Police directly to find that out. They may have a policy where a person is...
I was accepted into ard program but I cannot afford the program fees. Can I remove myself from the program and plead guilty and just pay the fine
In many counties, the cost of a conviction are very similar to ARD costs. Many people mistakenly believe that a...
Put a year older than I am.
If your question is whether this error would be grounds for dismissal, probably not unless it somehow calls into...
Put a year older than I am.
It would make a difference if you were a minor. Retain counsel and discuss it with him/her. Post no more facts here.
I was stopped a couple days ago and informed that I've been driving on a suspended license stemming from a DUI (second offense) in 2011. I completed all of my classes and probation requirements but somehow neglected to install the ignition interlock up until this point. If I contact an attorney and get the Ignition Interlock device installed and have my license re-instated before my court hearing- will it be possible to plea to a lesser charge to avoid jail time?
You should contact an attorney immediately. More information is needed to give a good answer to your question, which...
When will this be removed from my driving record and is there any way to speed the process up? I hear conflicting information about 10 years to never. Can someone please shed some concrete information on this. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.
It will remain on your record for 10 years. The process cannot be sped up. Sorry, that is one of the negative...