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My boyfriend got his 3rd dui in 2008. His case is adjudicated and he is still awaiting sentencing. Nothing have been said about the case since November 2008. He wants to get his license and Harrisburg said he can but he doesn't know what to do about the unfinished case.
I would have him talk with his attorney who is representing him in the case in which he is awaiting sentencing.
My boyfriend got his 3rd DUI in 2008. His last hearing was in November 2008 and he hasn't heard anything back yet and is still "awaiting sentencing". However, the case status says adjudicated. What does this mean and what can be done about this to get the case closed so he no longer has to worry about it?
The status of "adjudicated" means that he has been found guilty (either by guilty plea or at at trial) and is awaiting...
In 2007 I was convicted of DUI tier I receiving ARD. Then in 2010 I was convicted of DUI tier III receiving IPP. Unknowingly, I attempted to purchase a firearm at a local dealer and when they ran my name through the PICS system, I came up unauthorized to purchase. Do I have any course of action or possibility of getting this changed? Thank you.
While under Pa Title 18, Section 6105 it is after 3 DUI convictions within 5 years that the DUI prohibition goes into...
home , police pulled up and arrested me I had not realized I hit a car ...i have no record no accidents and this is my first dui i had the highest rate of alcohol . cant afford a lawyer I dont qualify for free lawyer im scared abd don't know what to do
You are facing serious charges.You should also post no further about this matter on a public forum like Avvo. Consult a...
My daughters dad got into the ARD program after a DUI. The date for this was set on 8/5/2014, the DL-21 was sent to PennDOT on 8/18/2014. When does the 60 day suspension start? He has been driving around with my daughter and has not notified me about any of this. I found it on the docket sheet website. If it is suspended and he is picking my daughter up, what can I do to stop it?
The license suspension commences when PennDOT is notified by the court that an operator license is subject to...
My application for PA ARD has been approved and I received a letter stating I have to show up to the Indiana County Probation Department in the courthouse for a hearing and intake, where I will "be instructed by the court about your legal rights". Will I be drug tested during this hearing or not?
Regardless of what will happen at the hearing, ARD is a one chance, a break that you get. Wouldn't it be wise to just...
Only 20 yrs old and got a dui but am completing ARD. Can I still get into the PA State police academy after the dui is expunged?
You would have to consult with the State Police directly to find that out. They may have a policy where a person is...