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i take pain meds failed sobriety test very tired not impaired from pills
Blood test usually will determine the concentration in your system.
I got pulled over in nj by hwy state police, i was suspected of drunk driving, but i refused to take a breathalyzer, i was held for few hours, not charged with anything, i Was only given sevral tickets and told i have to appear in court in nj .
You need to speak to a DUI attorney in PA. The answer to your question depends on PA law.
On house arrest drank 56 hours ago
Consider speaking to a local DUI lawyer, most will give you a free DUI consultation.
i got stopped at check point and blew .081 at the scene and later at the station, im wanting to get accepted in the ard program for carbon county, pa(i live in lehigh now) being its my first offense. if im accepted what am i going to have to do in the program and will i loose my license?
Your in the first tier. No license suspension!
I am currently going through the steps to complete the ARD program for D.U.I. I have completed the alcohol highway safety classes and I am scheduled for my community service. Assuming all goes well and I finish the community service, is there a chance I could ask to get the 6 month administrative probation cut short? I have no priors and my reasoning is that I plan on joining the marines but can not sign any papers until my I am completely done with ARD including the 6 month probation.
It is possible, but all requirements must be completed and all costs paid. You should have an attorney seek early...
i had got dropped off by my car several hours later after drinking for 3 hours and saw someone cutting their grass. asked for a gas can they gave it to me. cop pulled up and charged me with a dui because he smelled alcohol. never drank while driving. no one saw me driving. i just had my keys in my pocket. is this enough for me to be convicted.
From the facts as presented, you may have a viable defense to a DUI charge. You should contact a qualified attorney in...
First Time Offense Tier 3 DUI what is the advantage of house arrest and who makes the decision on if its an option?
The advantage of house arrest is that you can serve your time at home instead of a prison. Of course if you don't like...