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Can someone on house arrest for a DUI have a gun in the home.
It depends on what the terms of the probation set out by the Adult Probation Department. You should have been provided...
Its actually my ex wife. She is on house arrest at her mothers home. 2nd DUI in ten years 3rd overall. We have children, the youngest goes there. She currently has an AR-15 assault rifle in that residence, Since her house arrest start she has posted pictures with it in the home. Im concerned. Am I legally allowed to contact her probation officer to make them aware. Should I provide pictures?
If you are concerned about the welfare of your children, you can be all means contact her probation officer. Just be...
I am unaware of whether he was fired from his job or had to quit due to transportation issues, but regardless it directly stemmed from a d.u.i. charge ... and this is NOT his first d.u.i. I am uncertain in Lehigh County, PA if they look at circumstances - or the only thing they are concerned with when a petition for modification is filed is income - and that is the end of the story. ... I feel like this was a voluntary leave because he was participating in such risky behavior to begin with, but I do not know how the court is likely to look at such a case.
In all likelihood his support would not be lowered if this involves voluntary intoxication issues and his dismissal...
I did not go to get tested
I believe it is a better idea to contact an attorney and sit down with him or her, rather than posting questions online.
I received DUI while working in PA in 2011. My residence is Texas. After my interview, they are requiring I enter re hab. This is not possible as I do not have to funds nor do I feel it necessary. This was a STUPID mistake. I have a young family to support and steady work is impossible to find without a license. Can you re apply to take I have any options such as a restricted license so I can work? Desperate, please help!!
You have to comply with the Court sentence. You could hire an attorney to try to undo the prior plea, but that will...
I am currently going through the steps to complete the ARD program for D.U.I. I have completed the alcohol highway safety classes and I am scheduled for my community service. Assuming all goes well and I finish the community service, is there a chance I could ask to get the 6 month administrative probation cut short? I have no priors and my reasoning is that I plan on joining the marines but can not sign any papers until my I am completely done with ARD including the 6 month probation.
It is possible, but all requirements must be completed and all costs paid. You should have an attorney seek early...
tried that road,all i got for my efforts after paying two lawyers ,who assured me not too worry,I ended up on house arrest and paying out loads of money i really could`nt afford,i get too pay 900.00 more and pay 30.00 a week to take a urine test,when this is not drug or booze releated and 5 years suspenison,,I was unaware of these tickets,I traveled all over this country working twelve hours a day 7 days a week,had a license in two different states,who now tell me because i had NO tickets paid or unpaid,and did not renew them after ten years they delete your records from their system,penna dmv has no automobile type what time of day or night that i supposedly got all these tickets and yahoo even after THE JUDGE heard all this he told me a little story,he knows how messed up the dmv is
Hire an attorney immediately considering it wasn't you. It's never advisable to attempt to appeal something on your own.