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i got stopped at check point and blew .081 at the scene and later at the station, im wanting to get accepted in the ard program for carbon county, pa(i live in lehigh now) being its my first offense. if im accepted what am i going to have to do in the program and will i loose my license?
Your in the first tier. No license suspension!
i take pain meds failed sobriety test very tired not impaired from pills
Blood test usually will determine the concentration in your system.
i had got dropped off by my car several hours later after drinking for 3 hours and saw someone cutting their grass. asked for a gas can they gave it to me. cop pulled up and charged me with a dui because he smelled alcohol. never drank while driving. no one saw me driving. i just had my keys in my pocket. is this enough for me to be convicted.
From the facts as presented, you may have a viable defense to a DUI charge. You should contact a qualified attorney in...
I had DUI in one county and reside in another. Do the people doing the CRN decide how much community service I will do, along with the driving school. I would need to complete this in my home county. Given the fact that the CRN is 30 days out, is there anything further I can do at this point? In other words I have to wait?
If you have not yet entered into the ARD program, you are well-advised to consult with an experienced criminal defense...
My daughter is 23 and obtained her bachelors degree in psychology. In 2009 she was 18, at college and was arrested for DUI. This occurred in NY and we were advised by our attorney to plead guilty to a lesser offense, DRIVING WHILE ABILITY IMPAIRED, which is not a crime, it is an infraction. Because of her age she was offered a program and a device was installed in her car for about 6 months, she completed counseling & paid fine. She currently applied to an accelerated nursing program was accepted but then they revoked her acceptance based on the background check. We tried to explain to them that this is n infraction not a crime, but they will not accept her. Will this be a problem she will have to deal with for the rest of her life? Would she even be able to get her nursing license?
This is not really a question pertaining to criminal defense. I'm very sorry to hear of the difficulties she is...
Igot pulled over. Cop smelled alcohol. I did a field sobriety test. then he breathalyzed me. he would not tell me results of breathalyzer when i asked him. he then said i had to go get blood taken at hospital and then he released me to my friends custody. I got no paperwork stating any info on the arrest that night. I am still waiting to hear from officer.
First, you should talk with an experienced DUI attorney in this area ASAP to go over your case and possible options....
2 duis 2 months options
As I stated before Intermediate Punishment program. If you have no prior offenses these should both be first offenses....