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Campus security guards don't have the power to make an arrest...I was very compliant when they told me to get back in my car....20 minutes later a police officer shows up and arrests me...I feel like my rights have been totally violated..P.s. I did fail the breathalyzer, I was over the limit
Many factors go into a conviction, but campus security can certainly testify that you were driving, if they saw you driving.
I have a dui from 1991 and they ( DMV ) says that I have to have interlock for at least six months because the new law requires me to .. so I thought maybe I fall under some kind of grandfathered law since it was 22 years ago, I am really confused. Can you please help, I just got arrested for revoked license because of this new law
If you did not have a license was it still suspended from the 1991 conviction? If any case you need to at least...
Policer officer is charging me with two open container he forgot in my car?
DUI's not usually based on open containers. Normally they are base on your driving, field sobriety tests and...
motorcycle accident no one was hurt. Taken to hospital for 3 weeks. Then got letter being charged for DWI.No one was arrested bike not towed still have drivers license.
Yes, a person can be charged without an arrest or a ticket being issued. It's common in a case like yours where you had...
This is my lone incident on my record. When I review the case online it shows as "guilty deferred" in the sentencing. The overall case shows as "disposed" , is this a conviction? And Is there anyway that I can have this case dismissed? Or, Is the way the case appears online and in background searches the best it can be for me? Thank You
It's pretty much the best that it can be. New Mexico has no expungement statute and that is mostly for actual innocence....
I was charged with DWI first offence on 09/08/2008. I met all the requirements of my plea deal with the judge and the state resulting in my DWI being dismissed on 04/27/2010. It clearly shows that I successfully met the interlock requirements on my case paperwork as provided by the state and the judgement rulings. The judge also stated the my licence is to be re-instated. Despite that, when I went to the DMV to get my licence the DMV refused to re-instate it and told me that they didn't care about the judges rulings on my case and that I needed to get the interlock system. Is it legal for the DMV to do that? Is there any way that I can fight this to get my licence back?
I am not going to be able to speak about the specific question, as that will be controlled by New Mexico law. However,...
Two dates of when hearing actually occurred.
You haven't really asked a question, but I assume maybe you're wondering if the error with the date could get the...