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Campus security guards don't have the power to make an arrest...I was very compliant when they told me to get back in my car....20 minutes later a police officer shows up and arrests me...I feel like my rights have been totally violated..P.s. I did fail the breathalyzer, I was over the limit
Many factors go into a conviction, but campus security can certainly testify that you were driving, if they saw you driving.
I am required by the court to attend drug court for 6 months but my husband is moving out of the country. Can I petition the court to hold my sentencing for a period of time ?
Consider speaking to a local DUI lawyer, most will give you a free DUI consultation, most likely you'll be able to leave.
I got a dwi in 2010, and I was found guilty. I was required to complete probation, community service, and attend therapy. Once all of this was completed, my dwi case was dismissed. So what does this mean? Will it show up on my driving record as guilty or dismissed? If it's dismissed, does this mean my guilty conviction was thrown out?
Sounds like you had a guilty deferred sentence. If everything was done correctly, it was dismissed on your criminal...
This is my first arrest, i have never been in any drug program and have no priors
If this is a first charge for you and it's a misdemeanor, and you have no history, then you will not be monitored by...
I have a dui from 1991 and they ( DMV ) says that I have to have interlock for at least six months because the new law requires me to .. so I thought maybe I fall under some kind of grandfathered law since it was 22 years ago, I am really confused. Can you please help, I just got arrested for revoked license because of this new law
If you did not have a license was it still suspended from the 1991 conviction? If any case you need to at least...
I'm not on probation or parole or enrolled in any drug program. This was my first arrest
Not unless you show up drunk or high.
My other question that has to do with my chance is that me and the mother of our child had a domestic dispute and both will be getting a summons for court and mean while, I'm filling for half custody and time sharing plan. If the mother wants full custody and we go to court will my past felony DWI from 2007 effect my chances of getting half custody of my child?
The judge takes everything into consideration not only the 2007 conviction but also the three or more prior convictions...