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  • In brief: McKean man gets prison in DUI crash that i...

    Thursday Apr 16 | via Erie Times News 

    A McKean man was sentenced Thursday in Erie County Court to serve six months in the county prison, followed by five years of restrictive intermediate punishment, including four months of house arrest with electronic monitoring, for driving under the influence and causing a crash that injured three people in Union Township. Donald J. Krepps, 55, must also pay $1,668 in restitution and perform 100 hours of community service, Judge Daniel Brabender said.


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A family member was charged with DUI, a friend recommended ARD for first offense. Do I need a laywer for this?
A family member was recently charged with 75 § 3802 §§ D2* (DUI) and 75 § 3309 §§ 1 because he accidentally took too much of his prescribed medication. We have not received anything in the mail yet but on PA state website it says "Awaiting Preliminary Hearing". A friend was saying we could do the ARD program to remove the charge from record since it's a first offense but I am unsure if this is a simple process or if a lawyer is needed. Unfortunately, funds are very limited
Absolutely. Often times having an attorney is a prerequisite to being accepting into the ARD program. If funds are...
I have had 3 dui in my life. First ard at age 17. Second one at age 24, 3rd one at age 30. My 2002(3rd dui) I got m1 charge. It
It has been 13 years since my last dui. How can I change that charge to a lesser one, so I can purchase firearms
I am sorry to report that unless Sherman and Mr. Peabody are real, the "WABAC" machine does not exist. If you were...
Does a herniated disk (l4 and l5) invalidate a field sobriety test ?
The title is the entire question , I want to keep this simple as I haven't received my summons after several months for the dui. So I need to explore my defense options . I have a herniated disk I recieced as an 18 year d working out . Can I use this to invalidate the test ?
Think this should be in another topic. Will try and transfer it for you. Nevertheless, you should contact a local...
I was pulled over because my lights wherent on , I had the blood test and bac was .16 , 1 st dui ,was sober 20 years and going t
Meetings every day , how do u feel I will do and getting a stamp that I was there never any problems with the law ,I work full time
Your BAC is twice the legal limit and places you in the highest level for charging purposes. Assuming you have no...
Dui's and owning a gun
i got a dui in 1992 and received ard.............then i got a dui in 2003 and again received ard........then i got a dui in 2014 and got convicted for a 2nd dui because it fell just inside the ten year lookback by about 3 or 4 months.......all of these were higher than .16...........question......can i own a firearm......i have asked 4 people and received 4 different answers........and if i can't, is there a time limit on the ban..........thank you in advance.........
You don't need to worry about federal law, but you might need to be concerned about Pennsylvania. There is no federal...
What will happen if I got a dui well on probation for simple assault and reckless indagerment
Im international to 1 and a half years into my three year probation what can I be looking at for a punishment
A new criminal charge constitutes a violation of probation, and you may face a resentencing on those original charges....
Did I give an officer consent to search my car
Recently pulled over for dui when not actually drunk . One of the two officers asked to move my car and when the officer did he found marijuana stash underneath my seat
These issues are extremely fact-sensitive, so you need to talk to a lawyer offline about this. If the officer has your...