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If I have a DUI in VT but have not had my court date yet w/my license suspended, can i transfer my license to CT before it is?
I have a residency established in CT and VT.
You can always try (mind you it is doubtful). Downside though is if you are successful you may end up being suspended...
My ex husband some how gained custody of my son last year, but since has gotten two DUI s. I can I get custody back in court?
I can't afford a lawyer, but his parents pay for his. I am a wonderful mother and am very concerned about my son. The day his father received his lasts DUI was less than a month ago and it was three hours before he was supposed to pick my son up. I feel like I have a good chance to win custody back even without aa lawyer. Do I? I live in VT, by the way.
It looks like this has properly posted as a child custody question. If you can get the underlying police reports on...
What do I need to do to get Florida to release my driving licence.
I had my licence suspended in 2004 for a DUI in Florida. I now live in Vermont and can not figure out how to get Florida to release my licence from up here. It is impossible for me to travel to Florida. I completed my level 1 DUI program in 2005 but did not complete my drug and alcohol treatment requirements. Any advice would be very much appriciated. Thanks.
Unfortunately, you will have to get the Florida DHSMV to clear the old suspension on your license. You will need to...
I was the passenger in my car and the person driving said I had been driving earlier I hadn't. I got arrested too.
We both had been drinking, but the person driving had a suspended license. I think she aS trying to cover her butt by saying she HAD to drive because I wasn't able to. I also git arrested and charged. How can I fight this? I didn't know a police officer could use someone's oral stAtement as evidence to arrest someone when there is no proof that I drive that car. What should I do?
I am not licensed in Vermont, but the issue is something I have seen in CA more than once. First of all, in Vermont,...
Can handheld breathalyzers be used as evidence to convict me of an underage drinking ticket in Vermont?
I blew a 0.03 and denied drinking any alcohol. If I go to court, do I have a chance at fighting it because they didn't do a calibrated breathalyzer at the station? I read handheld devices aren't accurate enough to be admissible in court.
Most states do not allow these tests to be admitted. You will need a VT lawyer to confirm this is the case there....
I was jailed for 39 days after a dwi, was not told job was in jeopardy, and told when released I lost job. Unemployment denied.
I have an outstanding letter of recommendation from employer, and had been with them 4 years. I believe I am entitled to unemployment. The job and the benefits are from Putnam County NY. I was not even told that I had lost my job until I phoned them from jail to check in, and was told I had been terminated 3 weeks earlier, with no correspondence from them. Please help me.
Not sure what your question is here. I don't believe the cops have a duty to inform you your job is in jeopardy if you...
What is the easiest way to get my license back?
I had a DUI in NH, which i live in VT, and it was 3 yrs ago. I didn't handle my case properly and got convicted. My BF is disabled and needs me to bring him to his doctors appt and other things he needs as well. I have a different lifestyle than 3 yrs ago I don't get in trouble (arrested, ticketed etc.) I don't drink anymore. I don't think that i would get anything out of the programs, I don't live my life like that and well aware of the problems it might cause for whoever is involved. Not only for DWI fees but also the fact of what alcohol does to the body and mind. I was wondering if there was a faster way to get my license back?
First and foremost, talk to your attorney from your New Hampshire DUI. I assume your license is in Vermont. There is...