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I have never been drug tested during my supervised probation , can they test me now when I sign papers at court ?
I am done with my supervised probation, did everything I had to do , my probation officer wasn't there the last time I went to court to see her . Now I have to call her Monday and ask about if I still have to sign anything or if I'm off of supervised probation just like this . If I will Come in to sign the papers to get the release from my supervised probation , Can they drug test me still? I haven't been drug tested the whole time , would they do it now that I am actually done ?
They can drug test you anytime you are on probation; supervised or unsupervised. And for some probation officers, it's...
DWI in 1994. Case closed by Magistrate Court. Being required to prove completed counseling now and don't have records. Any ideas
Case closed, I completed all classes, counseling, and paid fines. Now being required to show a letter of completed counseling which I don't have, the counselor at that time is gone, and the court has not records. Any Ideas?
Call the Court Clerk and see if you can get a private meeting with the presiding judge. Talk to him or her and describe...
I am diabetic, and suffer from extreme lows and highs. i got a DUI, but i was not drunk; can you tell me the average reading...
of the breathalyzer when this happens? can you give me papers of this info to take to court? thank you for your time,
You need to discuss this with an attorney. Use the "Find-a-Lawyer" tool here on AVVO and get yourself a competent...
My husband has had his resident card for 17 years. he was on probation for 2nd dwi. he got caught with two crack rocks
although they were for personal use. he bonded out and ran to mexico.. will he have a hold at the bordercheck if he wanted to come to the us and turn himself in and would he get deported in the end?
You should contact an immigration attorney in your area for more assistance. I'm going to add that to your practice...
My husband has 17 years with his resident card he was on probation for dwi and was caught with crack cocain. he ran to mexico .
if he wanted to come across to us to turn himself in would he be deported after he pays his time here and would his resident card be taken?
If he does time just for DUI probation violation, the DUI conviction will not prevent renewal of his resident alien...
Will I be eligible for a CDL in NM with a wet reckless on my record? 2006 incident
I had a DUI in California in 2006 at Fort Irwin (Army base) which turned into a fed case. I got suspended for a year, I paid all fines and did my probation and made me pay SR22 insurance. Well I left CA the same year, and went to UT. I ended up not paying SR22 to be insured there because it wasn't mandatory there. CA then suspended my CA DL again I guess, because I lost a delivery job in UT. My employer said there was something wrong with my record in CA and need to take care of it. So I called CA DMV and they said they suspended my license again because I failed to report SR22 insurance. I said I havent lived there in 6 years, and UT doesn't require itso I'm not gonna pay anything. However, I am about to attend CDL training...but unsure if my chances of a new career has been compromised.
You should be able to qualify if you clear up CA.
My second DWI and got a SRAM ankle bracelet
I got 2 DWI within two months I got bonded out they put me on a anklet bracelet how long do I have to have this on I work in very hard to work with
Speak with your attorney. You either have an attorney or you need one badly. You'll be wearing at least until your...