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Should I get a lawyer? Or will I be able to get the same thing without one? Im hoping to get the defferal program to get it off of my record. Also is it a non negotiable license suspension?
DUI defense is especially complex and involves criminal law and procedure, evidence, administrative law, and many...
first court date is coming up. we have no idea what to do. should we hire an attorney. what is diversion and is he elligible? How will this affect his life?
Although they are misdemeanors, DUIs carry a bevy of collateral consequences. Thus, I always recommend that a person...
then we were told there is a ice hold, the bondmans told us we still had to pay the fine, bc bond was written. what we don't understand we were told 3 times all we had to do was go get him. I understand we can go to court for him if they don't bring him c they have already taken him for processing. is this true about the bvond once it's written it's done when the police gave us false iformation?
First of all, the arresting police officer is not responsible for issuing or approving bonds. Bonds are a function of...
I was driving someone home who was intoxicated. I had 1 drink about 20 min prior to being charged and refused to blow. I was not pulled over for anything. I was sitting at a gas station calling the other person's roommate to come pick her up and officer approached my vehicle and asked what I was doing (from the passenger side). I explained and he took my license to run. Upon returning to the vehicle he demanded that I get out. He said that he smelled alcohol on me (from the passenger side) and requested breath test. I refused simply because I did not feel like he had any reason to charge me. I have never had any other charges. I have an attorney but am seeking advice on whether or not I can win at trial or should I just take an adjudication which requires a $1200 DUI class.
My advice: listen to your lawyer. I suspect I know what he or she has already told you to do: take the deal....
Gardendale Judge charged me with contempt of court on April 4, 2014 and put me on 1 year probation which I later learned was because he thought I was intoxicated. I did not find out about these charges until after I appeared before the judge. (Went to traffic court for expired tag and no insurance.) I have no money for an attorney. Where can I find a volunteer attorney to help me asap?
Most states consider .08 as the rule if your blood was .03 only if you were a minor, but if .30 you were out of it and...
My license is revoked in Florida but I'm eligible for a hardship license in Florida later this year. My husband has terminal cancer so we want to relocate to Birmingham to be closer to family. I'm concerned about the possibility of being without a driver license if I'm the only adult in the family in the near future.
Normally you will not be able to deal with another state regarding your driving privileges if your home state has taken...
DUI back in 1993 and I would like to get it expunged or sealed. Can I apply for that myself or do I need to use an attorney?
No expungement in Alabama at this time.