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Several motorists reported my Dad driving his truck erratically. He pulled in a rest area and passed out. A trooper found him and woke him up. He refused a breathalyzer and was transported to the station. He could not urinate after several bottles of water and was released to my Mom a few hours later. She took him straight to the ER where he was found to be in Septic Shock from a blood infection. He has been in the ICU for over a week now. His court date was yesterday. On the advice of a Lawyer the Hospital faxed over medical records showing he was having a medical emergency and did not have any substances in his blood. The court didn't acknowledge this and proceeded to file BMV 2255. He received a letter today saying his job was terminated because he refused breath analysis.
first off, your Father is very lucky to be alive. Sepsis is quite often fatal. But yes, it is possible and with a...
I was on private property with alcohol on me and the police officer asked me to step on the sidewalk. I said what happens if i don't and then he said he would drag me on to the sidewalk. I'm already on probation for an OVUAC and the officer charged me with poss. of alcohol and obstruction of justice. Where do I go from here? Am I looking at jail time or an extension of my probation? Is there anyway to fight it since i was threatened like the way I was?
You should hire an attorney asap. You are at a much higher risk of going to jail because of the probation and new...
he received a large cut across his face requiring stiches and our car was totaled
Potential uninsured motorist claim. Sometimes this is beneficial. Contact local and qualified counsel asap as there...
I was convicted in 2002 of DUI. Can this be expunged if so, what is the process? Do I need a lawyer?
No. Unfortunately you cannot expunge an OVI conviction. Amanda Ackerman Condon Piscitelli Law Firm Cleveland, Ohio...
OVI BAC .085
minimum of three days in jail up to six months in jail. $375-$1075 fine. A license suspension of 6 months up to three...
Tennessee Driver's License , Ohio OVI 4511 . 19 A1A I signed BMV 2255 in section E which states " The advice on the back of this form was read to me and I have received a copy of this form . " The officer shoved 4 forms in front of me and asked me to sign them . I didn't notice the text in section E .
It is possible. You need to hire a lawyer that is well versed in DUI law. Www.Palumbodefense.com
In june 2010 I got a DUI in Berea, Ohio. Sentenced to two years probation. After the first 8 months she took me off "active probation". I moved to Akron in 2012 and in May of 2012 I got a DUI. I am on probation in Akron till June next year. Havent been in trouble besides this two stupid incidents. I am a grad school student as well and a full time unpaid intern in my field. So November comes and I guess probation in Berea went to close my case and saw I had a DUI in Akron. Says I have violated probation for not reporting it. I didnt know I had to report anything and quite frankly Berea court was the last thing on my mind as I am busy with school, work and probation here in Akron. What am I looking at?
You need to immediately and privately consult with a criminal defense attorney. Do not talk about your case online,...