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dwi refusal violation date 10/14/2011, ddp program completed , have conditional license (expires in year 2021), completed 6 months interlock on car, completed rehab program, paid civil fines, completed all requirements, was told i could reapply for license in november 2011 with payment of civil fine. history: prior dwai refusal 7/14/2000, prior dwi 2/16/1989. DMV APPLICATION MAILED 11/13/12, 5/6/13 denial letter rec'd, 6/10/13 appeal mailed, 7/22/13 rec'd letter stating appeal rec'd,10/5/13 rec'd letter stating appeal denied. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I STAND OR WHAT TO DO NEXT????
I provided a link below to the 25 year look back rule. I suggest you have an experienced vehicle and traffic lawyer...
I got a DWI in Ulster County. I blew a .14 and also got other tickets that night. I don't know if a plea bargain is an option for me. I am willing to do anything as far as treatment, probation or classes. Getting my DWI reduced to a DWAI would be ideal. Is there any way?
You will maximize your chances at getting the charge reduced to a DWAI (VTL 1192(1)) if you have an experienced DWI...
The state of Georgia has me on the NDR. I cannot get a straight answer out of them about what I have to do to get off. They say one thing, NYS says another and it goes on and on - over 2 years now. Is there a legal solution ?
Were you convicted of DUI in Georgia? Was your license suspended for 120 days? Do you have a Certificate of Completion...
The new law states that its 5 yes on a 3rd alcohol offense plus the original suspension which is a yr and a half . So 6 1/2 yrs, then get a permit . Almost towards 7 yrs I can now get a conditional with a 5 yr interlock device. Is this correct? The whole interlock device was put in place to prevent drunk driving? My question is , is there any chance of getting the conditional earlier just for work? The area I live in has little to no transportation my nursing job is a $60 cab ride ONE WAY when I really need it ..i had to cut my hours .this new law only make sense if you live in larger cities not a small town with high rent. Its been 3,yrs
It is possible to get a conditional license for work.
I was pulled over in a lot with my car in park to use my cell phone. A police car pulled in behind me...the cop asked if I had anything to drink and I said yes.....I blew a .14 and was charged with DWI....I feel awful.
No unfortunately this in and of itself would not be a defense. However, you should contact an attorney who handles DWIs....
I received a DWAI in March 2012 (the charged was dropped down from a DWI). Stupidly, I got a DWI in Dec. 2012. I have been in rehab straightening out my life, and in October 2013, I pled guilty to the second DWI. (I was fortunate not to get a felony charge or even probation but I have been working as a peer alcohol abuse counselor which may have helped.) Here is my first question - - when will I be able to reapply for my license? Needless to say, my license was suspended after the December 2012 arrest. Then, when I pled guilty in October of 2013, I received a revocation notice from the DMV. When I went on the DMV website to find out more about the status of my license, it said to check back in April. Second question, I am currently working out of state - should I hire a lawyer to help?
One important piece of information is missing. On the second DWI case, did you take the breathalyzer test or did you...
I'm almost finished with my 18 month suspension.. my probation officer said she would run my license for me at that point..I finished a treatment program. I work hard never have had an issus at work or relationships I really am a good person just with the worst of luck..I had a couple bud lights 930 at night coming home from a diner party..I never wanted to go threw a DWI again I though I was good..never would risk losing my nursing license either.. I am reading and told by probation it could be 5 years plus suspension period before I ever see my lisence again..I can't even get to work its about 60$ one way for cab and no busses go out there I'm struggling only working part time.. all I want to know if there is a way I could a hardship with interlock just to get to work
On your third DWI? Extremely unlikely. Hire an attorney now. The potential prison sentence should be of greater...