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Will I be able to drive in AL after 90 day suspension? Why did AL suspension not start on conviction date? When is the soonest or best possible way to get my drivers? Thanks in advance. Matt Miller
DUI laws and suspension times are different in different states. Sounds like you were a first time offender. AL...
I had received a DUI and will be trying to get it off my record
If UA means urinalysis, and it was within thirty (30) days you may be O,K. as long as the subsequent drug tests are...
My roommate (who is 18) is planning on throwing a party tonight despite my request for him not to. I am 21 and do not want to be held liable if, God forbid, someone leaves the party after drinking and kills someone while driving. I will not be at home during the party because I do not want to run the risk of getting in trouble. If the cops show up to the party, will I get in trouble for providing alcohol to minors, even if I'm not even there? (I did not buy any of the alcohol for this party, either.) If someone underage drinks and drives, will I be responsible since the party took place at my house?
You should not have a minor roommate. As the homeowner you have liability.
I was arrested for public intoxication, but I have a blank space in my memory of the hours leading up to and about thirty minutes or so after the arrest, and I believe I was drugged. I do not recall drinking enough to get anywhere close to that level of intoxication (4 shots total I drank slowly over 4 hours), and my memory fades a little after accepting juice from a stranger. However, after conversing with a friend I was with and realizing I must have been drugged, it was too late to get tested. I did get tested for drugs other than date rape ones, but the screen was negative. The doctor told me it must have been date rape drugs, but those leave your body in 12 hours, and I was held in jail for 16 hours, thus being unable to get tested.
You can present your case to the judge like you lay it out here. You would probably need a doctor to testify that they...
i was 18 and am now 21 paid my fees and everything
Youthful offender is a special status that not only limits the length of punishment and length of probation but greatly...
This was my first offense, so they put me on a DADS program for one year. As long as I'm enrolled and participating in this program for a full year i will not be convicted of the DUI. I am enrolled and participating in the program but i live in Alabama. (they allowed me to do this) So i heard if I'm not convicted then the suspension doesn't go into the national data base but stays in Indiana. Is this true?
Sounds plausible. Have you tried to get a license in Alabama? Did Indiana ever suspend your license?
the first DUI was dropped because I pleaded to minor in possession in a plea deal (and there was no evidence) I blew .03 on this one which is between the .02-.08 allowed for first offense" baby dui " .. I just need to know if it is my first offense and if I can use AL state code 32-5a-191 for this offense. thank you very much, I plan on going to law school and I am terrified this won't allow me to get my law license.
In the first offense, if the court convicted you of "minor in possession" (i.e., minor in consumption) and not DUI,...